When we are KIND we inspire others to be KIND, and it creates a RIPPLE EFFECT that spreads outwards. Just as a pebble creates waves when it is dropped in a pond, so acts of KINDNESS ripple outwards, touching lives and inspiring KINDNESS everywhere the wave goes. 

My name is Brooklin Allen. I am honored to be serving as Miss Pleasant Grove 2019 and 2020.  This amazing experience has given me an incredible platform to share my passion and give it great purpose. I believe in the power of Kindness! I believe that putting the smallest acts of KINDNESS into action makes the biggest difference and brings HOPE into the lives of others.

The Ripple Effect is a Nonprofit  organization I founded dedicated to educating and inspiring others on the need for and benefit of KINDNESS in our lives and creating opportunities for Individuals, schools, Kindness clubs, businesses, and communities to share intentional acts of Kindness. 


         SMALL ACTS

          BIG IMPACT



"Kindness is one of the most forgotten, yet most wonderful gifts you could give. It heals wounds and brightens days. It brings us together and reminds us that we are more similar than we are different. Sometimes it's easier to be cold and distant and harder to be warm and vulnerable. CHOOSE KINDNESS anyways. Be an encourager. Be someone who helps others. Give Love. Have compassion. Stay humble. It is the little acts of kindness that make the biggest difference."  Walk the earth



In am working hard to spread a message of HOW to put KINDNESS into ACTION every single day!   

Join me and hundreds of others in sharing a message of Kindness by wearing a message of Kindness! 

A simple smile, a listening ear, a loving text, enlarging your circle, a genuine compliment, learning someones name...all simple acts of KINDNESS. 

Order KINDNESS Hoodies and Sweatshirts on this site and VENMO your total @misspg2019-cmn

All KINDNESS sweatshirt proceeds go directly to MAO scholarships and The Ripple Effect Kindness Events.